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      Well hello all once again, Happy New Year !! I am back for another build..... Yes I am officially admitting, as the build name suggest, I am truly bitten by the CNC bug and this time it is the WorkBee that has got me.

      Firstly I must thank the gang at OpenBuilds for "Pollinating" this build, they very kindly selected me as the winner of the "1,000 Builds Contest" for my "Mogie Mill" build and awarded me $500 credit in the parts store to go towards my next build.

      What was really bizarre was that I had not used my mill for some months and I had just designed some bits and pieces to cut on it that week, I actually received an email whilst I was right in the middle of cutting and using the mill.... It freaked me out a little and I thought I was dreaming, but after contacting Mary she confirmed it was indeed for real.

      So here I am again, I also need to mention that I have not finished my "AcroCadabra" Acro 1010 laser build yet either, it has been some time since I initially started that build, life seems to have gotten in the way. So now I have two builds active and I am determined to get both this one and the Acro build completed. I just need to purchase a Laser head for the Acro and wire it up and it will be running.

      Anyhow after winning the credit in the parts store and the announcement of free worldwide shipping by OB at the end of last year, I wasted no time and decided that I would place an order for the major mechanicals for the WorkBee 1010 Unit.

      For the record and for others here in Australia that are considering purchasing through OpenBuilds, this is now the third or fourth shipment I have received from OB and I always get amazed as to how quick the gear arrives. It came via FedEx, I placed the order on the 31/12/18, the Order actually shipped from the U.S. on the 04/01/19 and I signed for the goods here in Australia on the 09/01/19.
      I think the delay from ordering to shipping was merely due to the fact I had put down a P.O. Box and FedEx cannot ship to P.O. Boxes so they had to contact me to get a street address, so keep that in mind when ordering parts. Not to mention that in between all that was New Year and I would think that the Parts store would have had a holiday/closure in there some where for sure.

      So the shipping actually only took 5 Days, just absolutely fantastic if you ask me. I think this order takes the record for speedy delivery, All my other orders that I have placed have always been pretty fast too, from memory the previous ones were 6 ~ 7 Days shipping, so they have a pretty good track record for getting stuff out and to your door from my point of view.

      Well that is it from me for the moment, now I have the major parts here I now need to do an inventory of all the little bits like screws and washers against the parts list, I have quite a few screws and other hardware left over from previous builds so I will now make up a list of the difference I need and get those bits in to start the build.

      So until then....

      Thankyou once again OpenBuilds, It really is a great place to hang out and learn and I really don't think I would have got into CNC if it was not for your fantastic site and resources here.

      Cheers Glenn.
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    Reason for this Build

    I have been wanting a slightly larger table after building the C-Beam XL, I guess the cutting area will never be big enough but this will allow me to make bigger items and I will have the ability to cut items longer than the table area due to its design.

    Inspired by

    The Open Builds team, for their support and recognition to the open source community.
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