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      A Tech Center in Alabama that provides guidance and resources to high school and university STEM classes enquired about using TrueUp LZ as an example of innovation in an established industry. After much reflection I decided that TrueUp LZ is too complex a construction for that purpose. There are many minor considerations that, in the end, will be distractions to a student or class building one to learn 3D printer basics, or what makes the One-Z-Motor-Two-Z-Screws an actual innovation. So......

      This is a relatively simple construct, relying only on OpenBuilds hardware for squareness, rigidity and, strength. No special, or power, tools required. This has slightly larger foot print and expense than a TrueUp LZ.

      This a work-in-progress - it took all of a day to whip it together. I will be writing an assembly tutorial for it and a BOM and the STL files probably next week (I have a micro-extruder concept I'm working on).

      YEAH! I finally figured out Sketchup's animation. A number of steps but .... This forum does not allow GIF animations to be on the page. Click http://3dwrx.com/student/student-animation.gif to see the animation in a new tab. Below is the only still-life pic I have of the Student OneZ right now.

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