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      This is my very first CNC router build ever. As stated in the summary, I am not an engineer so design aspects were a serious learning curve, and I am also not a CNC machinist, so the language, controller concepts, etc are still new to me. Computers and the software I understand, being in IT, but that is where my expertise ends. I spent countless hours researching this, so hopefully, it will all work out.

      My goals were as follows:
      1) Build my own CNC router to use for fun and (maybe) profit. My son is a high school student attending a local vocational technical school and learning machining and that is what got me most interested in this.
      2) Build a CNC router using as many "off-the-shelf" parts as possible. I did not want to have to rely on custom made parts from someone else. Everything on this build is either standard parts straight from the Open Builds Part Store, or hand fabricated by me using a drill press, hack saw and mitre box or power mitre saw, and other hand tools. Nothing is custom made by a 3rd party machine shop or anything.
      3) Learn as much about CNC as is possible through self-study and research. Trying to keep up with my son and his endeavors to become a CNC machinist for a living. Not sure that will be fully possible without some schooling on my part, though!

      I do not have a finalized parts list, but will work on that as I have time. Will upload a few pictures now, and add more as I finish. The main structure of the router is completed, and I am working on the wiring now.

      As shown below, I have attached this router to a 4x8 work table built specifically for this machine. I am hoping that will add all the rigidity and stability I need to make sure this router performs flawlessly. Or maybe it is WAY overkill.


      X and Y axes are 1000 mm C Beam. Z axis and gantry supports are 250 mm C Beam.

      gantry_support.png z_axis.png

      Please forgive the mess in the back ground. I don't have a formal shop, only my cluttered garage to work in. Part of the profit goal would be to invest in a piece of land with a shop building on it.

      Again, this is my first build, so it may not be as polished as some, but it is mine, and I am proud that it at least came out square and level, all things considered! I'll post more pictures of the cable chain supports and such that were all hand made by me. I'll also post more showing the wiring and waste board system as I finish those areas.
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    Fun, hopefully a little profit, and to see if I could learn enough to figure it out.
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