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      This is my third CNC router build. The first was a MDF design and the second was a Shapeoko. Did not really like either of those designs so I started my own. The goals I had for this build: keep the part count small, low cost, and sturdy design.

      The frame is 2" x 2" tubing. I had a friend weld the frame together as he has much welding skills than I have. Used about 16' of tube in the frame. The footprint is 24" x 24".

      The linear bearing all from China ordered on eBay.

      Electronics and Motors ordered on Amazon.

      9/13/2015 update.

      I have the motors dialed in. Have not had much time with work and home tasks. I did engrave a Thomas Train image on plexiglass. Also have been busy designing my 3D printer.

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    • CC - Attribution - CC BY
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    Qty Part Name Part Link Comments
    1 24 foot of 2" square tube Link $40.00
    4 12 mm SC12UU Linear Ball Bearing Slider Slide Bush Link $11.98
    8 12mm Linear Rail Shaft Support F XYZ Link $13.96
    10 2 inch Square Plastic Tubing Plug / End Cap Each Link $9.90
    2 Outer Diameter OD 12mm x 600mm Cylinder Liner Rail Link $37.98
    8 12 mm SC12UU Linear Ball Bearing Slider Slide Bush Link $23.96
    12 SC12UU 12mm Linear Rail Shaft Support F XYZ Table Link $23.34
    3 Multipurpose O1 Tool Steel, Tight-Tolerance Rod, 1 Link $32.46
    4 Leveling Mount, Easy Adjust, 3/8"-16 X 1" L Thread Link $4.49
    3 6.35 x 8mm CNC Motor Jaw Shaft Coupler 6.35mm To 8 Link $5.10
    3 NEMA23 381oz/in 3.5A Dual Shaft Stepper Motors Link $119.97
    1 5 Axis Breakout Board and 3 - 1 Axis 3.5A TB6560AH Link $79.96
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