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      I'm planning a new build.
      I have finished the preliminary design and ordered all of the parts.
      The frame is all 500mm Openbuilds v-slot rail attached with printed brackets.
      It will have a 400mm x 400mm silicon heated bed ran off of 120v through a relay.
      The x-axis will be belt and pinion, y-axis will be standard belt and pulley, x-axis will be lead screw and linear rod.

      Update 4/9/17: Most of the parts have arrived. I have a preliminary BOM. I have printed all of the frame brackets from PETG at .3 layer height and 25% infill. They are surprisingly strong. At this point the frame flexes slightly. I still need to tap the ends of the extrusion so I can screw the brackets in. The linear rods should add some stability.
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