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      This is my first blog post of my own project and my first CNC router build, it would be great to hear advice from those who actually know what they are doing. Apologies for the mess in the photo we are having new floors so it is a bit tight in there.

      My build so far- I initally designed the aluminium extrusion machine in Solidworks(message me if you want a copy of the design files) I sent all my dimensions and locations of machined holes to a factory in China and 12 days later $2000USD including TNT delivery it arrived. I selected a heavy duty 80x80 aluminium profile and for the gantry I have used 80x160 profile(None Chinese for the gantry). For the rails I have ordered 25mm HIWIN rails and blocks from Taiwan. The rack and reduction drive I have ordered from cncrouter parts. The spindle is a 2.2kw air cooled GML and runs off single phase. All aluminium plates have been ordered from the same Chinese factory as the extrusions who have been great to deal with all they needed was the dxf file. I will be adding a vacuum table however I a yet to find a good vacuum pump which is single phase.

      Reqlly happy with the assembly so far as across the diagonals have only a 0.2mm variation.

      And this is where I am a bit indecisive about electronics and software. As myself and the other people who use the machine mainly operate using Adobe illustrator and have 0% machining knowledge we really would like as simple of a process that is possible to get from an open .ai document to the machine cutting any more advice on the workflow would be appreciated. Once I have the software plan down this will then allow me to order the last components etc, I'm thinking nema 34 for the motors but again any advice on this I would be thankful for.

      I know a little more about laser cutters than CNC's so I have also started a build using the same extrusions of a 3mx3m laser cutter (and 1.2 x 2.4 plasma) which I will post once they are assembled, looking for suggestions on supply of non Chinese laser tubes ideally CO2 around the 250w range and if anyone has experiance making a laser cutter in a larger size I would be keen to see it.


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