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      Why a new router design?

      Inspired by OX and AK design I have merged both designs and modified to my
      personal needs.
      I don´t want a pure router but also a multifunctional machine.
      Following functionalities are planned for the near future:

      1. Milling wood, circuit boards, aluminum and thick foam

      2. 3D printing

      4. Paper and foil cutting with silhouette compatible knives

      5. Hot cutting foam

      6. Plotting PCB traces with Electroninks

      7. Paper and wood Laser cutting and engraving

      The OX design provides for some tasks too little space in the Z direction.
      The AK design actually provides all the necessary features that a need.
      However, quite a lot of sheet metal bent parts were used which are difficult
      to produce for me. That's why I have married both designs and optimized for
      my needs. And last but not least, it´s fun to design your own machine!
      I´m still in the design phase but the rough concept is ready.

      I will use two Nema 17 for X direction, two Nema 17 for Z direction and one Nema 23 for the Y slide, powered by a Pibot Controller Board.

      The both acme screws and nuts are from IGUS.

      All custom plates will be ordered from Schaeffer AG (friends of me). They have a very simple front plate design and order tool.

      If anyone in Berlin/Germany interested in a collective order for the vslot parts or Pibot controller, let me know!

      I will provide a complete BOM when the design is ready. For a first impression i uploaded a edrawings file (zip file). You can use this file with the free edrawings viewer app.


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    Reason for this Build

    Having fun!

    Inspired by

    OX and AK Design
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