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      Heres a short Intro to whats coming with my new build.

      Wow I did it, finally threw part 1 together before the end of the year with 1 hour to spare. So here`s part 1 on squaring up C-Beam or V-Slot.

      First job create the corner brackets

      Finally cutting the corner brackets

      Yippee finaly finished the X Axis

      Another Yippee I made my mind up on a Z

      Spartacus Part 6 - Y Axis Plates

      Spartacus Part 7 - Anodize Plates

      Spartacus Part 8 - Build Highlights pt1

      Spartacus Part 9 - Build Update

      1. Special Notes

        Please remember I change my mind a lot, although posting the files during the build they could change or be incorrect.
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    • CC - Creative Commons Public Domain (CCO 1+)

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    I just Love it, Its so easy with OpenBuilds Help
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