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      This is a small CNC mill/router specifically for manufacture PCBs. This is based on the corexy gantry setup. The plan is to have a small, light self-contained machine that can be used and easily put away when it's job is done.

      This will BLDC motor as the spindle with a MCU co-processor to act as the speed controller. Built-in probe for leveling. And a nice big E-stop. The side panels will be cut out of HDPE (Maybe at a later date aluminum)

      This unit is just under 13" wide and about 11" deep. And will handle 6x9" PCBs.

      This is a work in progress. I have about 20% of the parts needed to start assembly.

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        About 85% done with the CAD work. I'll soon price out the parts and slowly build it.
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    Reason for this Build

    I have a large CNC in the garage. I'd like to have something small that I can use in my office to quick proto's of PCBs.

    Inspired by

    Based on the CoreXY platform.
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