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      Small build that shows the versatility of the v-slot system.
      I had to make accurate repetitive holes and the custom made press tables i've seen so far are big and clunky. Also, there are operations for which you really need to remove a drill press table.
      The standard table on my dress press has two slots like many drill presses have (my slots are 15mm wide)
      With a peace of scrap v-slot 20x40 extrusion, a few pieces of and some nuts n bolts i made a handy fence which can be (de)mounted using two bolts underneath.
      A movable stop block is also fixated with a bolt.
      On the photos you can see some blue grips i printed on my 3d printer.
      You can also use regular bolts with some (2 or 3) nuts tied snug to the end of the bolt
      I love the fact that i put this thing together under 5 minutes and works great, is versatile and small.

      It's as easy as this!

      Alu strips and grips are not wider than 15mm, to be able to put the fence on without completely removing the bolts


      Accurate, repetitive holes..
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