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      This is my new build : A resin ( SLA ) 3D printer with LCD screen ( no projector ) and UV Led.
      This work is still in progress .

      Electronic parts :

      Raspberry Pi with Wifi (used for Nanodlp )
      Ramps 1.4 with 2 stepstick ( 1 for Z axis and 1 for Tilt VAT ( Resin tank ) on the X axis )
      Arduini Mega 2560 with Marlin firmware ( patched for Nanodlp)
      8.9' LCD screen with retrolighting Removed
      UV led 100W 395 nm
      Power supply 12V 30A
      36V power supply for UV Led
      12V fan to cool down the UV Led
      Solid state relay to turn on UV Led
      1 x Nema 17 ( on X axis to tilt the VAT )
      1x Nema 23 for Z axis

      Some pictures :

      sla printer.jpg sla2.jpg sla3.jpg sla4.jpg

      Tilt system ( wired to the X axis on controller board)
      It is just a cam equipped with a wheel which raises the VAT( resin tank ) / LCD Screen plate

      tilt system.JPG
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    • GNU (GPL3+) General Public Licence
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