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      I built a small ox. It worked great and everything. I decided I needed something bigger and faster. I wanted to do something off the shelf to limit the research and development work. I looked around at the different builds.

      I liked parts of the sphinx and the c beam xl. I liked the y axis on the sphinx. I went with the c beam xl X and Z axisI like how the z lead screw faces the other way on the c beam xl. I am thinking less saw dust build up on the screw. I got some plates from Chris and a bunch of parts from the parts store. I have the frame built up. It is 1000mm x 1000mm. Instead of using extruded aluminum for the base, I glued 2 pieces of 3/4" mdf together. It is cheaper and heavier than the aluminum. I made sure it was square.

      Next up is to add the steppers and the electronics. I got some nema 23 425oz steppers and DM542A drivers off of ebay. I have a nema 23 185 oz for the z axis. I run LinuxCNC on my ox. I plan to run LinuxCNC on this machine. Not a fan of grbl. I used a regular BOB on my ox. This time I will use a Mesa 7I76. I picked up a cheap Dell workstation to run my system. I plan to use a 1.5kw watercooled spindle. That is the last part I need to order.

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    Need a bigger and faster machine

    Inspired by

    sphinx and c beam xl
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