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      As the camera slider will need to be mounted on either stands or tripods, I focused on that part of the build for this instructional video. There are a few other builds out there that used the exact same gantry plate build I used here if you need further instruction on this. And as I know how clever this group is, this might not be the most informative video on Openbuilds. And, I intentionally made it for people with no experience doing anything like this as all.

      That said, I made a purely manual camera slider. And I intend to make it a motor driven unit in the future.

      That said, if anyone has any mounting ideas I would appreciate it. Right now I have two C Beam end mounts that I tapped a 1/4" into to fit on the end of my combo stands. But, I would like a more stable fit. So any idea on how to mount the C Beam to make it more properly fit would be great.

      I was thinking about mounting a pair of rifle bi-pods onto each end of C Beam. That would allow me to fold out and fold in legs at each end and then retract them when I need to loft the slide higher.

      The parts list for this build is in the video.
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    I am a student at Full Sail university and I wanted a camera slider that didn't $600.
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