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    1. Vasco Rocha
      5 /5,
      Very interesting concept. Voron architecture very well working. Hope there is good firmware as well capable of doing 4 stepper on the Z, 2 steppers for XY and another 2steppers for extruders. I just don't like bowdens, but that is a minor downside ;)
      1. Vasco Rocha
        Vasco Rocha's Response
        Well... 8 steppers control. That's a job for Klipper like the cousin voron2 ;) They even can put 2 ramps boards or 2 skr boards or like the Hevort's Duets with expansions. That's a question of numbers. Voron designed solutions that are flawless and cheap so maybe that's the way to go. I outlook klipper winning more and more followers with smart features and techniques like inputshaper
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