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      I stripped the nut on my 5 year old shapeoko and ran into enough issues (no one makes the delrin nut for the non acme threaded rod from the original build) that I ordered a c-beam upgrade. I did not want to use the Nema 23 motor because it would lead me down a path (motor driver upgrades, rerouting wires, etc) I did not want to take. After searching OpenBuilds forums for a Nema 17 mod for the c-beam, I decided to make one myself. I also had to redesign the quiet spindle mount to fit the plate for the c-beam. I will try to include the sketchup model of the upgrades in this post for others to use.
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    I broke the machine...I fix the machine!
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    2 M5 50mm bolts Link
    2 M5 10mm bolts Link
    1 C-Beam® Linear Actuator Bundle Link
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