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      My Charging Ox build was extremely successful and I am very happy with the performance. I didn't expect all the praise I got from you guys, so thank you very much.

      Since OpenBuilds has now released the C-Beam Linear Rail, I wanted to design a new machine based on the C-Beam rails. I don't have any intention on building this machine myself, at least for a while, but I wanted to submit a design using the new C-Beam rails in case anyone else was interested in building one.

      The custom plates for this machine will be provided by Chris Laidlaw. I will provide more information about the plates once we have worked out any bugs and come up with pricing.

      The table and mounting brackets are hidden in the Sketchup file so unhide them if you want to see them. This is a prototype design so please provide feedback and suggestions if you will. Parts list added.

      I have added a Rev.B drawing that uses the C-Beam for the Z axis instead of the standard 60x20.
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