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      This 3D printer works by having a projector underneath it which is mounted by a mount and by moving a bed up and down from a resin basin. Here is the assembly as of now.

      Here is a link to the downloads.

      For non printed parts you need the following.
      • 150 * M5 bolts smaller than 25mm long
      • 4 * M3 bolts
      • 8mm smooth rod
      • 8mm threaded rod.
      • M8 wedge nut
      • 4 * M8 bolts
      • 4 * M8 hex nuts
      Laser cut parts include the following.
      • Front Plate
      • Axis Plate
      • 2 * Projector Plate Mount
      • Projector Plate
      • Resin Basin Plate
      3D printed parts include the following.
      • 8 * Corners
      • Z axis motor mount
      • Bed Mount
      • Limit Switch Mount
      Assembly instructions... Underway...
      1. Special Notes

        Use M3 bolts instead of M5 bolt on the bed mount even though they are 5mm in diameter. Otherwise the threaded rod won't fit.

        You aren't going to use all of 150 M5 bolts because I designed it poorly. You won't have enough space in the corners.
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    Build License:
    • CC - Attribution NonCommercial - Share Alike - CC BY NC SA

    Inspired by

    Some random designs I made in tinkercad.
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