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      I built a large (18 x 24 inch cut area) CNC Router with the goal of making custom cabinet doors for my garage cabinets. The machine worked ok, but I did not feel comfortable using it for the cabinet doors. It is way to sloppy to get the precision I need.
      I am currently using an Arduino Uno and a gShield for the controller. I will be upgrading to a TinyG controller.


      The Frame for the C-Beam is mostly done, just waiting for C-Beam Linear Actuators to be back in stock.
      I was able to use the old MDF machine to make the Acrylic sides as shown in the C-Beam build video.


      [ 2/11/2017 ]

      I have pretty much finished my C-Beam Plate Maker. It has done several successful cuts, and I am really happy with how it performs.

      1.JPG 1a.JPG 2.JPG 3.JPG 4.JPG 5.JPG

      I did a couple of mods to the Y axis spoiler board to help stabilize it. I also raised the spoiler enough to clear the end of the Y axis and motor to gain a bit more cut area.

      Added wheels to the outside of the Y axis C-Beam to help firm up the spoiler board

      A few pictures of some parts I have cut so far. I was going to add to outrigger wheels under the spoiler board, but after adding the 4 extra wheels to the C-Beam it really firmed it up.

      These are the plates I was going to use:

      I also made a few hold down clamps for the spoiler board:

      A mount for the laser that mounts to the OpenBuilds router mount. I just remove the router and front plate of the mount and replace it with the laser and mount.

      That's about it for the C-Beam. I am now looking into building a 3d printer using some customs plates I am making and V-Slot.

      2-18-2017 -- Laser First Test Video
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