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      ROUX is a work in progress CNC that I'm working on that is in between the OX and the Routy. I definitely felt like the OX was overkill (The most I think I'll be doing is MDF and 1/4" Garolite), but I liked some aspects of both the OX and the Routy.

      2' x 4' Spoiler Board, will update usable area once built.
      Custom Plates
      V-Slot 20x60 all around, should be able to build everything with 4 * 1500mm beams.
      Nema 17 Steppers and GT2 belt.

      Extremely straightforward to build without an existing mill (Routy Principle). Depending on how my new filastruder behaves, the first set of plates will either be 3D printed with PLA or handmade from 1/4" MDF. In the event of handmade, just print the plate template, adhere to MDF or other material, center punch locating divots, and drill. A jigsaw (or better) to cut the plate out, and voila.
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    My primary focus right now is a 'cohesive' electronics 3D printer that also uses V-Slot. In addition to some printed parts, it also has some milled plates which I need a CNC for. I wanted a machine with custom plates and a 2' x 4' table, but felt that the Nema23 Steppers, 3mm belt, and 20x80 of the OX were overkill.
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