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    1. vze2pm3q
      5 /5,
      great design, hoping to see videos of working machine
    2. Wrmaeleun
      5 /5,
      Nice and simple... I love it !!!
      1. Mark Carew
        Mark Carew's Response
        Thanks, glad to hear it. Have fun!
    3. Mark Carew
      5 /5,
      very durable build, may i ask what cnc controller system you use? because i try to look around for 4-5axis but to expensive, do you know any would recommend?
      1. Mark Carew
        Mark Carew's Response
        We mainly use the gShield or the TinyG or the xPro controllers all inexpensive controllers. Please see the OX Build at the end to see how we used the gShield and take a look at the C-beam Machine Build to see how we used the xPRO
    4. Mark Carew
      Bill Hicks
      5 /5,
      Nice simple design.
    5. Mark Carew
      Joe Saindon
      4 /5,
      Great cost effective build. What are the limits of this router? 1/2" plywood? I'm trying to get a feel for the capability since you only have a dremel as the router.
    6. Mark Carew
      5 /5,
      great job!
    7. Mark Carew
      5 /5,
      Good! 5!!!
    8. Mark Carew
      5 /5,
      Never built a CNC router, but I need one to drill holes and machine slots in ABS enclosure.. Looked at dozens of plans, including YouTube. This one is 'clean' and the instructions are superb. Love the fact that it can be built with off-the-shelf Open Source Parts. Will start ordering parts immediately!
    9. Mark Carew
      5 /5,
      Wonderful instructions, clear and concise, not to mention a great build. Cheers! and thanks
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