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      We want to present you the new design of the device which is Router Sled. The whole structure is made of aluminum elements and ensures good quality of the device. We used V-SLOT aluminum profiles and OpenBuilds accessories for the construction. The instructional video can be found on our YouTube channel (subtitles in English soon)

      In addition to the construction elements described below, you will need Allen Wrench and a spanner wrench 8.


      Step 1: Introductory Information:

      Introductory information:

      The machine can be used very easily and quickly personalize and adapt to your needs.

      Thanks to the use of V-SLOT profiles, it is possible to quickly modify the length of the Y axis. Modifying the X axis is also quick and easy. For this reason, the design is very versatile. However, we recommend that the X axis should not exceed 2 meters, preferably 1.5 meters. At a distance of up to 1.5 m, there is very little deflection even with a high load. In addition, the length of the X axis up to 1.5 meters allows you to work smoothly with the device.

      As the Y-axis V-SLOT aluminum profiles stand directly on on the ground / on the table, they can be up to 3 meters long!

      Step 2: BOM "Spindle Carrige":

      The inner area of the X-axis carriage is approx. 290 x 300mm. Until now, most routers fit in this space.


      Parts needed to build a carriage for the spindle:

      Step 3: X Axis BOM and General Description:

      To build the X axis on which the spindle carriage moves, you should use V-SLOT aluminum profiles V-SLOT 2080.
      As I wrote at the beginning, the optimal length for X axis is 1500mm and the maximum recommended length is 2000mm. To build the X axis, you need 2pcs V-SLOT 2080 profiles with the length you need.
      Additionally, 2 pcs of profiles V-SLOT 2040 with a length of 350 mm to connect long profiles 2080.
      In addition, mounting accessories (see the complete list below).

      To move the X axis along the Y axis, you need 2080 V-SLOT profiles (this is further in the description) and 4 small Gantry Plates Option 20 carts that are installed on the ends of the V-SLOT 2080 profiles that form the X axis.

      X axis BOM:
      - V-SLOT 2080 , 2 pcs , Choose the length yourself.
      V-Slot® 20x80 Linear Rail

      - V-SLOT 2040, 2 pcs , 350mm,
      V-Slot® 20x40 Linear Rail

      - Cast Corner, 4 pcs
      Cast Corner Bracket

      - T-NUT M5, ca. 30 pcs
      Tee Nuts - M5 (10 Pack)

      - Low profile Screw M5x8mm, ca. 30 pcs
      Low Profile Screws M5 (10 Pack)

      - Gantry Plate option 20mm (full carrige), 4 pcs
      V-Slot Gantry Kit - 20mm

      Step 4: Y Axis : BOM and Technical Informations

      The base is made of 2 aluminum V-SLOT profiles that allow the machine to move in the Y axis.
      The type of these profiles affects the maximum thickness of the material to be processed. We suggest using V-SLOT 2080 profiles, which will allow you to work with a material with a thickness of 70mm.

      We have tested profiles up to 3 meters long and there is no deflection when they are placed on a stable, hard base.

      It is worth screwing these profiles to the base with L corners.

      BOM for Y axis:

      - 2 pcs , V-SLOT 2080 (or 2060 or 2040) , Choose the length according to your needs.

      Linear Rail - V-Slot® Linear Rail - OpenBuilds Part Store

      - min. 4 pcs ,Single L-Bracket , L Bracket

      - T-NUT and Low profile screw M5x8mm : They should stay from the parts for the construction of the carriage and the X axis.

      Step 5: Mounting the Spindle on the Carriage and Brakes.

      Brakes for X and Y axis.

      You can use for locking the axes "Carpenter's pressure lever" (Link soon).
      The installation of such a component is simple due to the fact that the entire structure is made of V-SLOT structural aluminum profiles.

      Here you may also need:
      - T-NUT Drop In M5, 1 package ,
      - Low Profile Screw M5 x 6mm ,

      Mounting the spindle on the carriage:

      If you construct the carriage for the spindle in accordance with the instructions, you have to prepare the table / countertop for spindle installation on your own.
      The dimensions are approximately 338 x 300mm. To install the base, you may need T-NUT M5 and LOW screws M5 x 10/12/15 mm profiles (depending on how thick your plate is)

      The base for Router can be made of aluminum or MDF board. (here you have to do the project yourself)


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