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      I am attempting my first CNC router build.
      This router is designed specifically for making spearguns out of exotic hardwood laminates. The wood is Padua, Jacobs, Sapelle and Teak. The router has to be strong and secure.
      The support for the x axis of two C beams with 12 mm lead screws is 1/4 inch steel channel with 3/8 steel angle brackets on each end.
      The y axis is on 1/8 inch steel plate with a centrally located C beam with Gantry and 8 mm lead screw.
      Z axis is an aluminum plate with a double gantry plate. Router support will consist of a steel plate and double gantry plate. The Ridgid trim router will bolt directly to the plate.

      Now, I need some advice. I plan on using hi-torque Nema 23 motors with drivers. The two lead screws on the x axis will have a motor on each and be synchronized with each other.
      What do you suggest for the controller and software. I am a complete newbie on this part. I play with CAD and vaguely familiar with G code. Keep it dirt simple please.
      I welcome your comments and advice.
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