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      I make woodwind instruments for a living, and I'm designing a machine similar to the rotary builds by gwandad and dougsnash, specifically for doing 4th axis work. It will just have the X and Z axis, plus a rotary for A axis. I'm planning to use VCarve Pro to design, as it will do everything I need (shaping the spindle, carving recesses for inlay, etc.). At this point, I think I've settled on TinyG and Chilipeppr to drive the machine, although I'd certainly appreciate any input.

      Monday, April 4: I've just ordered most of my parts from the Openbuilds store, aside from a couple things they were out of. TinyG board has been ordered from Synthetos. I'm looking for a good rotary axis at the moment, but I'll hopefully be ordering that in the next few days. More to come once parts arrive...

      Tuesday, May 24: Over the last month and a half, I've slowly been acquiring my parts and building the machine a piece at a time. My final shipment of parts came in yesterday, and I've got the machine put together and mostly working today. I've still got a lot of configuration to do, and I obviously need to do some wire management, but at least the machine is moving under its own power.

      Saturday, June 11: After lots of experiments and basic cuts over the last two weeks, figuring out little quirks, I started my first production run of a batch of flutes today. Works like a dream.

      Rotary-cnc1.jpeg Rotary-cnc2.jpeg Rotary-cnc3.jpeg Rotary-cnc4.jpeg Rotary-cnc5.jpeg
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    Inspired by

    Inspired by the builds of dougsnash and gwandad. Thanks to Doug for answering a few questions for me early on, and thanks to Rick 2.0 for his advice on the design.