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      Inspired by @Giarc 's lathe build I decided to add a rotary axis to my Workbee.

      First problem to overcome was the lack of height under the X gantry - I decided to raise the Workbee by 40 mm with longer Y end plates and replacing the 20/40 end frames with 20/80.

      I intend to make some plates to mount the head and tailstock with an 80 mm groove underneath to register with the 20/80 bed supports, which will lay flat instead of vertical. I haven't decided whether to orient the Rotary axis on the Y or X axis of the workbee so those plates are still a work in progress.

      So far I have designed an extended T-nut (V-slot slider) for fixing those plates to the bed support and designed and cut 3 out of the 4 longer Y end plates needed.

      ) Long Y end plate left v10.png Long Y end plate right v2.png V-slot slider B v0.png end plate right 3.JPG

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