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      The Rock n Roll is built on granite, is solid as rock, and gathers no moss.

      Purpose: Make polished injection molds and parts for building out the equipment for a small manufacturing and recycling enterprise that will transform the untapped PVC waste stream into Snploc a patent pending suite of plumbing fittings.

      • Precision 5 axis mill to within 3mils accuracy. 4th and 5th axis on only half of the work area.
      • Precision 3 axis mill to within 1mill accuracy on second half of the work area.
      • 4th and 5th axis to handle 6" cube of material.
      • High speed 160k rpm spindle, use small cheap bits, remove small amounts of material, move fast at 200 in/minute.
      • Construct reference slab as foundation.
        • 3" steel angle legs and bracing, bolted to floor.
        • Bottom of 3/4 in scrap granite, 5" of poured cement in the middle, and 3/4 inch of granite counter top capping the sandwich. This provides a stable base, very little flex, milling surface to within 1mill flatness across 3' x 4'.
        • Mill the surface using a hand made granite plane. Make the plane by adhering several 60 grit sand papers to top of table using a small amount of water. Put weights on top of plane, carefully pull the plane across the sand papers until the plane has been cut all across its surface. Then adhere 60 grit sand paper to the plane, put weights on top and pull it across the surface in a pattern that cuts all across the surface. Continue until the surface is cut from side to side. Note, plane must be at least the size of two full pieces of paper side by side.
      1. Special Notes

        1. All custom plates have been produced by hand using only, ruler, scribe, punch, and cheap drill press. The secret is to over size the holes so that the axies can be moved into perpendicular.
        2. The rails are carefully squared and made the same length by sanding them on a table saw. A course emery cloth is glued to an saw old blade. The ends of the c-beams are then milled square and to equal lengths.
        3. The axis are made perpendicular by clamped them together using 1-2-3 blocks and then fixing into place.
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    • CC - Attribution - CC BY

    Reason for this Build

    This is part of a larger project to develop, manufacture, and market a patent pending plumbing fitting - Snploc. This will be done through a franchised, network, of small manufacturing and recycling enterprises. Snploc is creating a full cycle, natural capitalist, venture taking PVCc and dioxins out of waste stream and putting it into high valued, long lasting products. More at snploc.com.

    Inspired by

    Louis and Larry DiFrancisco have provided inspiration and engineering advice
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