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      Just disassembling the rest of the old machine. More to come.

      Disassembled, I ordered all new small parts (wheels, etc) but these are the main pieces I'll be reusing for the new build. I'm now performing a inventory of my small parts, old and new, to make sure I've gotten all of the necessary parts. Once that is confirmed and I can get my 20x80's cut down to the correct size I'll be starting the main build.



      Small parts inventory continues (doh, Slot Wahsers, I'll have to fix that).

      Power Supply and BlackBox Ready to go!

      IMG_5578.jpg IMG_5579.jpg IMG_5580.jpg
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    Reason for this Build

    I had to sell of parts of my old build a couple of years ago and now finally have the chance to rebuild. I really liked Kyo's Sphinx design and though this was a good opportunity to try it out.

    Inspired by

    Kyo's Sphinx, I am pretty much doing a standard Sphinx, just reusing C-Beam parts where I can.
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