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      FB_IMG_1690407505398.jpg [GALLERY=][/GALLERY] The frame is made from very rigid 45mm aluminum extrusion, ordered cut to size from Misumi. Screenshot_20220722-050525_Facebook.jpg
      I had side and inner panels made from aluminum at a local fabricator using the dxf files in the build plans.
      The gantry is a drop in gantry purchased from Light Object.
      To mount the bed to the Z drive, I cut aluminum mounts on my Gatton CNC router. Other bushings and supports were printed on my 3D printer. again, all dxf files are in the plans. 20220327_171725_resized.jpg 20220330_152312_resized.jpg 20220331_170825_resized.jpg
      The bed uses 4 lead screws or ball screws, and a 15mm belt. It can be manually moved by hand, orset up with a nema 34 stepper motor. I used the motor and later switched from lead screws to ball screws. 20220814_202833_resized.jpg 20220811_134247_resized.jpg
      The electronics bay panel layout before installation. the board is just 1/2" MDF painted black and sealed. I'm using a laser power supply from Cloudray, Drivers for X and Y (and nema 17 stepper motors) came with the gantry. I had to purchase drivers for the Z axis and U axis (rotary) separately. I decided to go with a Trocen 7824 laser controller. A 24v and 12v power supplies, Relays for air assist solenoids, water chiller, exhaust fan, air compressor, and a circuit breaker for safety. FB_IMG_1690407579553.jpg
      I decided to mount the panel in the electronics bay, then start on the wiring, but much of the wiring can be done on the bench before installing the panel. 20220808_192602_resized.jpg 20220808_192613_resized.jpg 20220808_192623_resized.jpg FB_IMG_1690407469397.jpg
      The plans come with a dxf file for a switch panel using toggle switches, but I created a different layout that uses buttons out of black acrylic. 20220808_192531_resized.jpg
      1/4" acrylic panels are also used on the front and top of the machine as well. FB_IMG_1690407499358.jpg FB_IMG_1690407505398.jpg FB_IMG_1690407631394.jpg
      I used a 100w SPT laser tube with built in red dot. that made aligning the laser a breeze. 20230726_174911 (1).jpg
      Gotta finish it off with some decals! FB_IMG_1690407456488.jpg
      Plans and bill of materials can be found at Rēzo 1390 plans
      1. Special Notes

        Costs vary depending on components and features. fabricated aluminum panels can be substituted with acrylic panels. Z axis can utilize lead screws or ball screws, and motorized or manual bed lift. Options between controllers and electrical components. $5000-$6500
        Plans can be found at Rēzo 1390 plans
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    Reason for this Build

    I wanted to build a rigid, high quality co2 laser that could compete with and outperform commercial machines. i chose a 100w laser tube for a good combo of cutting and engraving.

    Inspired by

    Designed by Jonathan Frost
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    1 Plans https://rezo1390.bigcartel.com/product/rezo-1390-plans Link Plans and bill of materials sold by Frosty Designs
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