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      I purchased a Routakit SD 1000x1500 kit online and found after putting it together per the instructions, I was NOT happy with the results at all.
      I proceeded to read and get ideas from the Builds forum here at Openbuilds, as this is where Routakit had purchased quite a few pieces to my kit.
      I first removed ALL the V Rails and purchased Nuts, bolts and spacers from the Parts Store. (later I also purchased new Extreme wheels that I have recently installed) designed and built my own side plates out of .375 aluminum, which I made 2 inches taller, and installed the wheels so they ran in the V Grooves of the C Rails.
      I found that this made the spindle very accurate.
      I then put extra 20x40 extrusions to strengthen the base of the machine.
      I have since changed the NEMA 23 stepper motors that came in the kit to NEMA 23 High-Torque stepper motors that I also purchased from the Parts Store.
      I did not like the limited uses of the Planet-CNC Controller and Program so I replaced them all with Stepperonline DT542 Stepper Motor Drivers and a Smoothstepper Breakout Board. I am now using MACH 4 programming.
      The machine is working flawlessly now and below are a few of projects I have completed with it.
      I thank Openbuilds Part Store for all the parts I used to complete this update.
      IMG_0393.JPG IMG_0443.JPG IMG_0499.JPG IMG_0585.JPG IMG_0586.JPG IMG_0677.JPG IMG_0499.JPG
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    I was NOT happy with the kit I purchased from Routakit
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