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      First phase of the project was to separate the remote flush button and design mechanisms with equivalent connection points. The original button also needed to be integrated with a microswitch allow use as before. Even this was a big improvement - with much less effort required for little fingers to push the button:

      OriginalMechanism.jpg FlushButton.jpg PlungerAssembled.jpg MicroSwitch.jpg

      Phase 2 integrated an RF Transmitter / receiver to allow remote operation:

      Assembled2.jpg ReadyForTesting.jpg Button12box.jpg

      As I already used OPENHAB to provide the initial setup - I thought it would be fun to add Alexa integration (great way to surprise unwary users!) - although she took a while to action my command in this video:

      And finally - commissioning by my beautiful granddaughter - note you can envisage how tricky it was previously for her to reach and press the original flush in the recess.

      She loves using the box - especially selecting between #1 & #2 :D.
      1. Special Notes

        I haven't uploaded any design files at this stage - although I would be quite happy to provide these if requested. The parts were all designed using FreeCad. All firmware was developed in the Arduino App and integrated with OPENHAB (MQTT).
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