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      At first a Video from the handling:

      Program start from SD card - Automatic tool measurement.

      The simple construction of the reference sensor:
      The shaft material is brass, this is softer as the milling tool and does not destroy them.

      Sensor 1.JPG
      Sensor 2.JPG 2016-10-28 12.35.26.jpg 2016-10-28 12.37.51.jpg 2016-10-30 09.12.05.jpg 2016-10-30 09.12.19.jpg

      Different thickness of the material or different tools are not a problem for the reference sensor.

      2016-09-21 18.45.36.jpg 2016-09-21 18.45.45.jpg 2016-10-29 13.07.40.jpg 2016-10-29 13.13.19.jpg

      How do it works:
      The Start sequence in front of the cnc program is always the same.
      - Homing x and Y
      - Go to park position over the sensor
      - Homing Z Axis
      - When the sensor touch the shaft, the Z Axis position is 26,0 mm from the top of the material.
      - Lift mill from the sensor - time to remove the sensor
      - Start milling program


      Wiring and safety device:

      Wiring Sensor.JPG Safety device.JPG

      Controller board und used Cam Software:
      For my CNC Machine I use the BAM&DICE controller board, it based on Arduino 2560 and run with the Marlin firmware. My used Cam Software is Estlcam. It calculate the CNC program from the top side of the material.
      BAM&DICE board Link: BAM Shield mit Arduino und vier mal DICE-STK - 2PrintBeta - 3D-Drucker, Entwicklung, Prototypen

      2015-05-30 08.51.01 - Kopie.jpg
      2015-05-30 08.49.18 - Kopie.jpg 2015-05-30 08.51.16.jpg 2016-10-30 09.17.21.jpg BAM&DICE Board.JPG Estlcam.JPG


      300038.JPG 300037.JPG 300036.JPG

      The sensor work also with the 3D Print-Tool:

      2016-10-31 16.38.21.jpg
      2016-10-31 16.38.32.jpg 2016-10-31 16.41.25.jpg 2016-10-31 16.41.34.jpg 2016-10-31 16.49.57.jpg

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