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      With the evermore popular CoreXY printers growing within the DIY community, we noticed that it is very hard to get a good quality kit where builders can get all their mechanics in one place, with a good build guide. We also found that there are very few projects available that are fully OpenBuilds based. We want to change that and finally give something back to the OpenBuilds/Opensource HW community!

      With the V-Core, we've designed a rock solid CoreXY type printer, based on Openbuilds components, and built like a tank. By using very few printed parts, and choosing aluminium plates for both structural integrity and motion carriage parts, we've developed an Opensource design which we believe can be a great platform to build on, and that provides a very high-quality 3D Printer with great specs.

      [​IMG] [​IMG]

      - Frame and mounting accessories: Black anodized aluminium extrusions, black anodized Corner aluminium plates & brackets
      - Aluminium plates: The printer uses aluminium plates for all moving carriages as well as structural integrity.
      - Bed Plate: 4mm thick anodized aluminium bed plate
      - Motion components: All OpenBuilds based. V-Wheels, Leadscrews, Anti-Backlash nuts etc.
      - Kits: Full kits available at Rat Rig

      Preliminary Specs:
      - Build Volume:
      300x300x300mm (X/Y/Z)
      - Foot Print: 570x506mm (X/Y)
      - 6mm GT2 Belts
      - Compatible with Nema17 Motors
      - Dual Z lead screw cantilever design with anti backlash nuts
      - Tough polycarbonate wheels for Z rails
      - E3D v6 compatible hotend mount
      - Mounting point for a inductive bed leveling probe
      - Open Source

      Build documentation:
      - Step by step build manual
      - Animated CAD build videos for each step
      - Full CAD models available for download
      - Build videos coming soon

      Documentation and build links:
      Thingiverse Project Page (General info, build guide and printed parts STL's)
      Facebook Rat Rig 3D Printer Community (General discussion for builders)
      Project Documentation (BOM, Build guide, FAQ, Assembly Videos, CAD files in various formats)
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    • CC - Attribution Share Alike - CC BY SA
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