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      Idea is to swing stepper motors inside. and use belts to transfer torque to leadscrew and increase it a bit along the way.
      overall concept can be seen on my Onshape.
      Still figuring out where to put end stops, drag chains and electronics.
      kinda leaning toward putting drivers near stepper motors, and avoid all those long cables inducing EM noise.

      This design uses mini wheels exclusively.
      only one wheel holding z-axis beam is fixed, all others are on eccentric mount, that should allow easy squaring of spindle (seen this s an issue in other builds)
      bottom plate on z axis is probably not needed, leadscrew can be lock in place by pulley and collar around bearing in upper plate, and this would allow to remove/replace whole z axis assembly easily (toolchange? ;-)
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    Reason for this Build

    i really hate those stepper motors shooting out in all directions.

    Inspired by

    sphinx cnc
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