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      Prusa i3 Bear Upgrade V2


      This is an aluminum frame conversion for the Prusa i3 MK2, MK2s, MK2.5 and MK3.

      Josef PRŮŠA has created numerous of incredible 3D printers and its latest Prusa i3 MK3 is capable of very impressive print quality for a very low price. A huge thanks to him and all its team!

      One of the down point of the Prusa i3 MK2 and MK3 is the rigidity of the frame. A very good project has solved those problems by using 3030 extrusion aluminum : Prusa 3030 Haribo Edition. So why another conversion build? Check the next section ;)

      Why another conversion build?
      Here are the features that explain why I decided to create another printer upgrade.
      • Use as much as possible original parts (no need to print a new RAMBo cover nor change any cable, rods or firmware)
      • Compatible with MK2, MK2s MK2.5 and MK3
      • Let user choose between two versions :
      • Highly detailed manual
      • Use more aluminum and less printed parts (3D printed parts can crack and are less reliable)
      • Use Openbuilds hardware :
        • Single platform of multitude compatible hardware parts (extrusion, plates, low profile screws...)
        • V-Slot offers more possibilities for printed parts and customisation than T-Slot
        • Open source with powerful community
        • Easy to square and build
        • Worldwide shipping plus several other shops selling these parts
      • Other type of aluminum extrusions can be supported thanks to parametric design (check Fusion 360 files)
      • 3D printed parts designed using advanced techniques like selective infill, clean vertical holes, sharp angle...
      • Open source by providing STL, STEP and Autodesk Fusion 360 files

      Full And Half upgrades

      The Prusa i3 Bear upgrade is proposed in two versions: full or half upgrade.
      • Half upgrade : upgrade your MK2/MK2s/MK2.5 frame to MK3 type
      • Full upgrade : has a redesigned and stronger Z axis for all MK2 and MK3 printers but is more expensive
      half_title_800px.jpg full_title_800px.jpg
      Here is a comparison table to help you choose :
      Half upgrade use the same v-slots and printed part for MK2(s) and MK2.5. However, the full upgrade has 3 different versions, one for MK2(s), one for MK2.5 and another one for MK3. You can discover the difference in the full upgrade page.


      Several printed parts are shared between all these versions. This makes easier to move from half to full upgrade, or full upgrade MK2 to full upgrade MK3.

      Go to HALF upgrade page or FULL upgrade page.

      Community And Support
      The best way to talk about this upgrade is to join the OpenBuilds thread. Be careful when you join OpenBuilds, you will be soon tempted by building a CNC or a Laser machine!

      You can also open an issue on GitHub if you prefer or add a comment on my My Thingiverse.

      Feedbacks from users
      Some feedbacks from users that built the half upgrade :

      "I'm really happy. It's really great.It works really fine. It's a professional update. I was searching for a mk3 prusa frame update and I find this"

      "Excellent with instructions, this was like buying a Prusa kit all over again, only better"

      "Your frame idea made the machine a lot sturdier"

      "It seems printing noise has reduced significantly after upgrade"

      "Amazing work on the detail and on the machine"

      "That frames makes it into totally different beast!"

      "It's a professional well made update. And the manual it's really easy to follow"

      "Very detailed work, are you sure you dont want to take on the role of the new Josef Prusa ?? I mean the designs are just amazing"

      Huge THANKS to all of you!

      Current status
      Half Upgrade : Dev and tests finished, currently waiting feedback from first users

      Full Upgrade MK2(s) : Currently building the first Full Upgrade MK2s. Assembly instructions will be ready soon after the build.

      Full Upgrade MK2.5 : Currently building the first Full Upgrade MK2s and I am waiting for my MK2.5 upgrade. Assembly instructions will be ready soon after the build.

      Full Upgrade MK3 : No build as been tried yet but parts have been tested individually. Everything is ready except assembly instructions. I do not have the privilege to own a MK3, if someone would like to try the adventure that would be awesome!



      Here are a list of sources I used to build this project :
      Huge thanks to these projects, without them this project can not exist!
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