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      This is my remix of the Prusa i3 Bear with IDEX. This is still a work in progress so any comments are welcome.

      Modified pieces:
      1. x-carriage-back
      2. x-end with the motor mount
      3. Z top mounts
      4. Extended Bear frame y extrusion
      5. Extended y linear rods
      Everything else is either stock Prusa i3 MK3 or Bear parts.

      Future plans:
      1. Use a Duet2 with an expansion board running RepRap firmware.
      2. Added a large touch screen and box to hold the mainboard. Maybe something more similar to the CR-10.
      3. Route cables out the top. I might add a something onto the extruder for better cable management.
      4. Drill and tap the extrusion instead of using brackets.
      5. Build the real version.
      Prusa i3 Bear IDEX by TroyJoachim

      Prusa i3 IDEX Front View.png
      Prusa i3 IDEX Side View.png
      Prusa i3 IDEX Top View.png
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    Build License:
    • GNU (GPL3+) General Public Licence

    Reason for this Build

    I think that adjusting two extruders on independent Z axis will be easier then two extruders on the same X axis. I guess I will find out.

    Inspired by

    Prusa i3 mks, Prusa i3 Bear, Zidex
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