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      This is a remake of what was a box design (openbuilds.com/builds/corexy-enclosed.1362). After seeing David Bassetti's fresh air design at plus.google.com/DavidBassetti, posted to the OpenBuilds Google Plus, I started playing around with a more open design.




      The design prints an 8x8x8 inch object and also encloses the PSU, Ramps controller, bowden driver and filament spool in a 17w x 16d x 15h area.

      The design uses a CoreXY system running on idlers composed of F625zz flanged bearings. It also uses a bowden extruder design to take advantage of the speed capabilities inherent in a CoreXY system.

      The Y axis uses belts instead of screws. The two belts run in between the two wheel guide uprights on each side. The two belts are run by pulleys attached to a drive shaft which is driven by one motor positioned below the build plate.

      This looks like it will cost about $400 to build. I expect to start building on it in 2 weeks and will update either as the build progresses or upon completion.
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    • CC - Attribution NonCommercial - Share Alike - CC BY NC SA

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    Attempt to match Ultimaker quality at half the price.