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      12/4/18 - Progress pics and explanations added in Discussion area

      I picked up a Sphinx 1050 kit this summer as a wedding present to myself. We're currently living in a small duplex. So, I needed to be able to move it around. I decided to mount it to a bench-top toolbox.

      As I was assembling the kit, I realized that there was really no need for the stacked spacers on the stepper motors. Functionally, the smaller spacer only serves to keep the y-axis lead screws from protruding past the front of the unit. Removing them allowed me to mount the assembly within the borders of the bench-top and have nothing protruding beyond its edges. No damaging anything when it goes through door frames!

      I have a Raspberry Pi with touchscreen that will be mounted on the front where the "Husky" label was. It will be mounted to a bracket (that I have yet to fabricate) which will allow the Pi to be easily removed for transport. My plan is to eventually mount a dust collection unit of some sort in the open space of the toolbox.
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