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      Printer spawned from the X3D XS Corexy 3D printer on Thingiverse:
      X3D XS COREXY Printer by Unix

      This printer is portable - cant put it in your hatchback but by removing the two front square tubes (bottom and top) along with the bed the printer can rotate out of a standard door. Slots in the tubes fit on to 3D printed sections of the corner brackets.

      The printer is built from 3D printed parts, majority of hardware and frame aluminium is available at big box home improvement stores (Lowes, HomeDepot, etc.), smooth rods purchased from McMaster-Carr.

      Printer is nearing completion, with successful function all 3D printed parts/models will be available for download.

      Build progress is on social media and YouTube (link to playlist)

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    • CC - Attribution NonCommercial - Share Alike - CC BY NC SA

    Reason for this Build

    At the start of the build all large formats were outside my price range (pre CR10s etc). Goal was to do this build for sub $500 while improving my build skills. Lastly to print very large things :)

    Inspired by

    X3D XS Corexy Build - X3D XS COREXY Printer by Unix
  • Parts list

    Qty Part Name Part Link Comments
    8 Tight Tolerance PH Stainless Steel Rod https://www.mcmaster.com/#catalog/3180T38 Link Linear rod, coudl also use linear rails
    6 Steelworks L x 1-in W x 1-in H Aluminum Plain Squa https://www.lowes.com/pd/Steelworks-L-x-1-in-W-x-1-in-H-A... Link This tubing is used in both the frame and bed
    4 Nema 17 Motors Link I had on hand, order from you preferred vendor
    1 Bowden style extruder Link Using a bowden vs direct drive to reduce weight on the extruder carriage
    1 E3dV6 Hot end 2.85 (generic) Link Effort to save funds the printer is using an E3dV6 clone
    70 Cat5 Flexible cable 70+ feet Link This is being used for motors and end stops
    1 Ramps and Arduino Board Link order from you preferred vendor (due to scale of the printer another board may be in order)
    1 Bolts used (will be added with link) Link
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