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      Above you see the finished installation, I'm currently updating the code for a better gaming experience.

      In the V-Slot Belt & Pinion Example Build the spacers for the wheels are 5mm. This is actually to tight when your using a piece of extrusion like I do instead of a gantry plate. The spacer for the wheels should actually be 8mm so there is space for the motor mount plate.
      I made use of laser-cut acrylic glass to make 'stands' for the small NeoPixel bars, the single Neopixel ball (shown below) and the 14 segment Alpha-Numeric LED backpacks to show the score.

      IMG_1752.JPG IMG_1763.JPG
      Testing all LEDs with SPI and one of the Alpha-Numeric backpacks over i2c.

      All wires to the control box! I use a 12V power supply from Mean Well to drive the steppers. I make use of a UBEC step down converter to get to 5V for the Arduino and NeoPixels and Numeric Backpack.

      I decided to make the lid of the little 'black' box transparent so the players can 'see' how it works.
      1. Special Notes

        Any questions to this build are welcome, I hope to find some time to update the parts list for this build in the near future.

        Due to the long wires to the Stepper motors I got interference on my end-stop switches and SPI signal for the LEDs when there's no SPI signal or message send.
        I got rid of the interference (electro magnetic field) by adding condensators on the endstop wires.
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    Reason for this Build

    I walked around with this idea for quite a while, and I wanted to place the machine in my toilet (it became to big, so now it's finished it din't end up there).
    I dropped the idea at a children's movie festival for their MediaLab, they liked it and funded the whole project. Now it's a rental for other festivals as well.

    Inspired by

    V-Slot Belt & Pinion and the Mini V Linear Actuator Build
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