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      If it would be another straight out of the box build, I wouldn't have started this thread, but durig the build I found out that I wanted / needed to make some alterations to the default build of a C-Beam Plate Maker.

      1. Larger bed.
      First of all I wanted a bed that was larger than the default 30x30cm, but still within the parameters of the default machine. The distance between the columns is 38cm so a bed with a width of 37cm is possible. The limitation in the Y-axis is the gantry plate hitting the end mounts, so the bed had to be raised to be able to move over these end plates.

      2. Center the bed.
      The center of the bed (in the Y-axis direction) is not in the center of the total travel so the overhang on the back is much larger than the overhang at the front. This has to be corrected.

      3. Raising the Z-Axis.
      By raising the bed the distance between the bed and the bottom of the Z-axis actuator became limited (3cm) so the mounting of the Z-axis actuator will have to be altered.

      4. Spindle mount.
      In Europe the default size for the spindle mount is 43mm (maybe an idea for Open Builds to make a spindle mount this size?) and is shorter than the default length. So the bits cannot reach the bed. I will have to think of a solution to lower the spindle mount.

      5. Electronics.
      Adding limit switches and a Z-probe to the build. Add buttons and a switch for Hold, Resume, Abort and Emergency STOP.

      6. Subframe for workbench.
      The depth of the machine is too big for te place where it will be used (mainly the columns) so I need to make a subframe which will raise it enough to pass over the front edge of my workbench and also bring it forward enough so it will fit without any problems.
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    Larger workarea and European size spindle mount.
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