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      The idea is to make a Plasma CNC able to cut a full sheet of metal, investing as less money as practically possible. I am using my wiki to store the files and develop the project. When its done I will update this one, but at the meantime the development stuff are there. The Master CAD is there, but if anyone want to edit some individual part letme know since I have not yet upload them. (
      CNC Plasma v0318 - Open Source Tools
      The main features are:
      I have modified the Y gantry plates to be able to accept the 20x80 X-axis V-Slot rail and changed the orientation of the motor mount by 45° because I mount it at the other side of the plate. The wheels are now at the outer sides of the table, just below the motor. This change was necessary in order to maximize the usable width of the table to fit my 4'6" target, and to protect the plastic wheels and belt from the hot plasma.
      I also modified the X/Z gantrys to accept the 20×80 V-Slot X rail and make it a little thinner to accept a 20×40 Z-axis V-Slot rail. This was necessary to fit my target of 4'6" cutting width

      Even though the table should be square and sound, any imperfections on the Z axis, will be absorbed from the THC. The plasma torch do not stress the railing system (no contact with the cutting material).
      But it this structure is going to double as a router, maybe double belts, and extra care on bracing should be needed.

      Table hardware:
      1. X railing is a 20x80 V-Slot 1500mm
      2. Each Y railing is made of [2] pieces of V-slot 20×80×1500mm connected together with a 3 3D printed inserts (one betweent each 20mm portion), reinforced with Quad Tee Nuts.
      3. The Y railings are bolted at 3 posts. (One at each end, one at the railing joist.The cyan color on the CAD)
      4. The slats (are not showing in the CAD for clarity reasons) are 3" wide flat bars that are inserted to cuts that are made to a 2.5" angle steel. They are resting on a 1" flar bar that is welded to the 2.5" angle.
      5. The table is made of 1"×4" rectangle tubing
      Colossal Tech Cut-50F Plasma cutter
      24V supply
      CNC shield v3.1 ./ Arduino UNO/ DRV8825 step drivers
      Nema 23 step motors
      Proma THC SD for height control

      Linux CNC for open source (Mach3 as a latest resort) g-code sender
      Freecad/ Path workbench for opensource (SheetCAM as a last resort) CAM
      1. Special Notes

        Feel free to edit the wiki pagesif you want to contribute to this project. The wiki is open to anyone
        CNC Plasma v0318 - Open Source Tools
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    • CC - Attribution - CC BY

    Reason for this Build

    Because I need it to cut other equipment thatI am designing
    (firewood processor, grapple, Compressed Earth Block, etc)
    Open Source Tools

    Inspired by

    OX CNC