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      We have a J-Tech Photonics laser module for our ShopBot at work; while it hooks up and runs fine on the SB frame it only has a simple on/off capability and there is little to no info available on how to wire it up better to be more useful. After a lot of forum searching it just seemed faster and easier to build an independent machine inside of the SB frame for the laser and run it off a GRBL control box separately.

      This build uses up left over T-Slot extrusions, hardware, and phenolic plates from defunct machine projects as much as possible and is rounded off by custom 3D printed or milled parts as needed.


      Max burn area: 1220 x 2440 x 58mm (48" x 96" x 2.3")
      Max Travel: 1270 x 3000 x 58mm (50" x 120" x 2.3")
      Control: OpenBuilds Black Box
      Software: Openbuilds control, Lightburn, V-Carve Pro, TurboCAD Pro
      Drive: doubled up GT2 belts with 30T pulleys for X/Y, a printed GT2 gear rack/ 30T pinion for the Z
      Laser: J-Tech 2.8w blue diode with driver and power supply
      Steppers: Large high tourque NEMA 17's on X/Y, regular NEMA 17 on Z
      Rapids: currently set at 300ipm/22000mm per min (will test to increase upwards of 500ipm)

      My goal is to be able to carve out our EVA sheet goods with the ShopBot as normal then engrave the applied artwork(s) afterward, faster and with greater accuracy and control than before. With this set up large format photo engraving should be possible with shorter run times. If it works as intended we will build a second version for our CAMaster machine too.

      This has gone from idea to working prototype very quickly so the drawings and files I have are pretty jumbled. I plan to refine the design with all OpenBuilds extrusions and products and share them here as soon as possible.
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    Reason for this Build

    Needed better control and function from our add-on diode laser
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