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      I'm still in the early design process.

      Current issues:
      Current controller boards I have and tried don't provide the complete solution (X,dual Y, Z, A - nozzle rotation, two LED light rings, two USB cameras, air control, nozzle controls, EPO control). Need to add a USB bus on the custom controller so it has a single USB 3 interface that provides connectivity to both ELP USB cameras and the controller to the host system. I may retro a few things together to get the basic design and then make a full solution board later.

      Pick and place heads are a bit more than I want to spend so I'm designing my own. This will be designed to mount on the ACRO mounting plate and use a NEMA 17 with a possible bevel gear to do the Z axis with a lead screw. The upper Z detection will be a limit switch but I haven't figured out how I want to do the Z lower detection. I need to figure out how I will do the board placement so the board level, placement and fiducials can then be calculated.

      Need to design an autochanger for the Juki nozzles I have already purchased. I want to use a single nozzle head to keep this as a small size, easy to maintain, versatile and cost effective.

      816 feeders require a N20 6v 60rpmish motor that add extra expense or take a long time to get if ordered internationally in bulk. I'm looking at modifying SG90 servos to full rotation and using them with the modified feeder solution.

      Acro NEMA 17 use 24V
      LED rings and pump require 12V

      Current investments:
      Acro 20x20 (This will provide plenty of autofeeders with the addition of a single 20x20 bar to mount them)
      816 Autofeeders (1 controller built to support 24 feeders (2 extra boards),12 feeder boards) 24mm feeder in beta testing
      NEMA8 PNP from Robotdigg

      Not sure:
      TMC2130 (I like the two Einsy boards that I have using them). Very quiet.
      DRV8825 should work fine for this project and will see how well the precision is that they provide.
      Marlin, GRBL, Smoothie or write my own OpenPNP compatible firmware.
      How many feeders? (?x8mm,?x12mm,?x16,?x24)
      Board holder
      Detect if a board is present (limit switch)

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    Build License:
    • CERN (CERN-OHL1.2+) Open Hardware Licence

    Reason for this Build

    I built this to cut costs in having prototype boards built.
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