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      Started the planning phase of my new build.

      Parts on order.

      The original phlat used a lower roller covered in anti skid tape and two more pressure rollers above. My plan is to use a 3/4" chrome shaft on bottom with 12 roller blade wheels, suspended on three pillow block bearings driven by two 450oz/in Nema 23 steppers. Pressure will be provided by an upper chrome shaft also on bearings (untitled 359 photo). The whole thing will be controlled by my fav combination, Arduino Uno, grbl cnc shield and 4 x TB6600 drivers running on a 24V platform. Everything will hopefully fit in a MDF housing 16" wide x 66" long x 24" high.
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    • GNU (LGPL3+) Lesser General Public Licence

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    Does anyone really need a reason?

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  • Parts list

    Qty Part Name Part Link Comments
    2 1/2" MDF 4'x8' Link Home Depot
    2 1" x 60" - 1" Superior shafting for rollers Link Machine Shop
    4 1" Pillow block bearing Link Machine shop
    12 Roller blade wheels Link eBay
    4 Nema 23 stepper motors Link Stepper Motors Canada
    1 20 tooth pulley 8mm bore for Y axis Link eBay
    1 1" smooth pulley for same Link eBay
    6 Feet steel reinforced 15mm belting Link eBay
    1 Arduino Uno Link eBay
    2 GRBL CNC shields Link eBay
    4 TB6600 stepper drivers Link eBay
    1 24V 5A power supply Link eBay
    1 Emergency stop button Link eBay
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