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      My completed Mini Mill build.

      Purchased a Mini Mill kit as a learning tool to accompany my upcoming Workbee build. My lovely wife and I spent a few nights putting it together after the kids went to sleep.

      Photo 1 - Our very first X-Axis linear actuator!

      Photo 2 - My wife & I just after the birth of out first OpenBuilds child
      (Yes I do look exhausted - it was a long day even before we touched the build)

      Photo 3 - The completed build
      (Yes there was a mess on the table)

      So - Lessons learned and observations:
      • A huge thank you to Openbuilds for marking the screw sizes in felt on the little zip locks... big help
      • Get yourself a METRIC tape measure....
      • A long set of T-handled hex drivers speed the process up
      • Watch the assembly video ... a few times beforehand (huge help)
      • Do not put dinner in the oven as you send your wife to the store to buy silicon spray (she made a detour and it took over an hour)
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    Build License:
    • CERN (CERN-OHL1.2+) Open Hardware Licence

    Reason for this Build

    Learning CNC and a smaller work machine/project

    Inspired by

    Lots of people inspire me... where do I start?
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