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      Here is my take at an automatic Cocktail Mixer. This is made out of 3d parts post finished, and machined wood. it uses:

      Raspberry Pi 3 Model B
      Switch 110v
      12V Power supply
      8 Channel Relay
      DC-DC step down regulator
      Power Distribution Board
      Peristaltic Pump
      Food Grade Silicone Tubing 3mm Inner Diameter
      Stainless steel Funnel
      ELEGOO 3.5 Inch 480×320 TFT Touch Screen
      1N4007 Diode
      Jumper wires

      The whole thing is control by some PHP scripts and the wiring pi library over an Apache server. So you can use the touch screen but you could also use any browser on the same network.

      IMG_0699.JPG IMG_0686.JPG IMG_0685.JPG IMG_0418.JPG 56255506333__9926D3F6-9FF8-41DE-BA81-48D85B879F46.JPG IMG_0413.JPG IMG_0409.JPG IMG_0399.JPG IMG_0398.JPG IMG_0397.JPG IMG_0396.JPG IMG_0395.JPG IMG_0394.JPG IMG_0393.JPG IMG_0392.JPG 56048044274__3FF4D2A3-4E5F-44DB-8769-DDAD8F99AC96.JPG 56048042943__5F717279-0A87-4976-A904-468C057EA2E0.JPG
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    Girlfriend wanted this.
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