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      So, the build starts with a 20mm X 80mm X 500mm v-slot extrusion. IMG_0518.JPG

      Add a second one...

      Then a third. IMG_0520.JPG

      These will become the bed.

      Bolt them together with some plates.

      I used a couple of C profiles for the ends. One of them has been drilled to allow the drive shaft to pass through.

      I used a Nema 17 sized stepper motor with integrated tr8 8 shaft from Pololu.

      And at the other end is an 8mm bearing in an OpenBuilds housing.

      The C profiles are bolted to the bed with angle brackets making sure everything is square. On the sides are 20mm X 40mm X 500mm extrusions attached with angle brackets. Make sure to fit the drive nut before putting together the ends.

      So the next step is to fit the X-large build plates to run on the side rails and fit a cross beam to connect both sides


      The Y gantry will be 20mm X 80mm extrusions bolted to each side. This is just a proof of concept and may eventually change.

      This is the state of my build as of 5/12/2016.

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    I like CNC machines.
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