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      Video here for now: Instagram video by John Mueller • Sep 20, 2016 at 11:21pm UTC

      Calling the build done as the OpenBuilds team built a nice mill that is fairly close to this old build. - my goal is to have a mill style CNC machine that is tailored to fit on my workbench and still give me enough room to work around on it (soldering station, glue up, grinding, clamping, and more are done on this workbench).

      I am using some custom pieces from Chris Laidlaw, but you can certainly use stock OB parts. I have a few more pieces that I will pass to him to make, and I will update this build along the way.

      For now this build log is a rough draft, and I do tend to follow a build by hand model and then go back to figure out all the parts I used. ;)

      On a side note, I do have a good quality 3D printer farm with FDM and soon an SLA machine. I would be more than happy to print things, and am working on a few OB related parts.

      I am using C-Beam for the X/Y and Z, Nema 23 steppers along with a Mach 3 setup will be in the build (Gecko driver). MPG to control the axis, but I do want to consider manual knobs as well. It is what I am currently most comfortable with, so I just stuck with that. Certainly anyone could use the OB listed steppers and drivers boards.

      Thanks for looking, I will probably be a bit slow to add updates but I will try to squeeze in time between orders to get the machine fully running and updated here.

      Edit 1: Added an X/Y gantry plate that combines both sets of wheels on to one plate, saving me from stacking two of the stock OB C-Beam gantry plates. My reason for this was to reduce the overall height. For now the part is 3D printed so I can iterate it through a few designs, thinking I might add wheels outside the C-Beam to further reduce deflection. Pictures have been added, will be the off blue green, or off green blue gantry plate. ;)

      Edit 2: Machine is now running great, I will work on getting a video of it up soon. I will also work to finalize the build list, trying to keep it to the stock OpenBuilds parts and then another list with the custom parts and the source of those parts (Chris Laidlaw here on OB made them).

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      1. Special Notes

        No parts list as of this time.

        I did start with C-Beam bundle packs for example.

        2 - 250mm bundles
        1 - 500mm bundle forms the Y axis
        2 - 250mm 20mmx60mm V-Slot to support the Z axis
        1 - 250mm C-Beam as part of the Z axis
        1 - 250mm 20mmx80mm V-Slot on the Z axis

        Oddly enough some parts from Chris Laidlaw for the OX CNC Y Brace became my Z brace for this build. It ended up being a perfect fit and really added some strength to the build.

        I used tons of t-nuts, braces, corner brackets, etc. ;) Outside of the bundle packs this is where I will need to add to the parts list.
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    Reason for this Build

    I looked at other small desktop mills on the market and ordered in a few, they were either small or really not the quality I was hoping they would be for the price. Having ordered a good amount of OB parts to build other machines, I decided to take what I had in stock and try to combine them to form a mill style machine that would fit my use case.
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