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      OXzilla will be a 3ft by 3ft Router/mill that will take advantage of some larger 8020 extrusions I recently purchased on Ebay. The heart of it will be the large, heavy gantry that is built up from two 15 series 3" x 3" extrusions, stacked and joined together with 8020 join plates and the 1/2 thick plates that are used for the side plates.


      The linear slides used on the gantry will be the 8020 UHMW bearings. This will be a test of these slides, testing durability. I'm trying these after conversations with engineers at 8020 and a lot of research on the many CNC forums. According to 8020, the issue most have with these bearing seem to arise from improper adjustment or overloading. While I was assured that the 3" wide bearings would to adequate, I'm going to utilize a 6" wide upper bearing on top.

      The 1/2" side plates will be married to a 3" x 3" x 1/2" aluminum angle that the 20mm bearing blocks will be bolted to. These will ride on a 20mm fully supported rail that will be bolted to the lower frame.
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    This machine is being built to replace the Shapeoko 2 that I recently completed. I find the Shapeoko to be a good learning platform, but the small size of the extrusions tend to be very flexible after I upscaled it to the 3 sq. ft. size I needed for the work I want to do with it. I did upscale the steppers to NEMA 23 425inoz. and the spindle motor to a 1.5kw water cooled 3ph. unit with a VFD. I confess that the added weight of the upscaled motors are most likely causing some of the flexibility problems, so I may be my worst enemy with the Shapeoko, so I hope that Godzilla solves these problems.
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