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      After many years of desiring a CNC router, but being stymied by my location (shipping is a nightmare here), I've finally found a design that fits a lot of my categories.

      The biggest issue here is getting cold-rolled steel, rack and pinion, etc. at a price that's affordable - anything over 500mm and it starts to get very expensive, very quickly. The weight of rack makes it very expensive - so much so that it would end up being the most expensive single component.

      For some reason timing belt never occurred to me and my hat goes off to the Openbuild team for that. Finally a rail and transmission system light and cheap enough to ship.

      So, I knew I didn't want a 24" machine - I want to cut whole sheets, ideally. But I will settle for a 4x4 and work out how to fit things in.

      Living in Asia, a lot of my components have come from Asia - steppers, screws, fixings, etc. but I have used TinyG as a controller and my main mechanicals have all come from OpenBuilds. My Ox plates have come courtesy of Anthony ( @asb_79 ) in Melbourne, Australia, as well as my anti-backlash nuts, GT2 sprockets, ballscrew and GT3 belting.

      I have a second-hand Kress 1050FME and a new 3HP water-cooled ER20 85mm spindle for cutting.

      As far as a build design goes, it's a standard 1500 x-axis Ox, with a 1500 y-axis.

      @Jonny Norris is responsible for the table/frame the router will be sitting on.

      I will be controlling it via gigabit Ethernet through an Octoprint/tgFX system running on a Raspberry Pi B, connected to the TinyG

      Custom electronics cases will be a mix of things I cut on the CNC and things I print on my 3D printer and I will print my own cable chain and cable tethers.

      After doing a lot of application testing, I will be using a mix of Sketchup, Estlcam (http://www.estlcam.com/) and Cut2D, with tgFX and/or Octoprint.
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    I want to cut ply, MDF and acrylic for making puzzles, dolls-houses and castles. As well, I make lamps and other stuff using LEDs and microprocessors and would like to make scrollwork lampshades.

    I wanted the bigger build area because a) I have the room b) I'm greedy
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