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      Much more detail to come, but here is the preview of the OX PPR - Portable Plasma Router. The main design criteria for this unit are:

      1) Mainly a plasma cutter, but also a router. Just need to change the tool holder.
      2) Leadscrews instead of belts. (Currently built with belts. Could be changed to screws later)
      3) X axis ~60mm lower to accommodate a lower tool position.
      4) Wheels on Y axis face outward, to reduce the amount of debris on wheels.

      --------- LIST THE MAJOR COMPONENTS AND CURRENT PHOTOS -------------------

      Gantry: Custom OX Variation with Stepper mounts and X-axis mounts swapped
      Dimensions: Current working dimensions, about 21" x 40" x 5"
      Controller: Planet-CNC USB Mark 3/4
      Drive Chain: X/Y Belt, to be upgraded to double belt. Z is 8mm lead screw
      Power: 24V, 350W
      Drivers: TB6600 4.5A
      Plasma: Lotos LTP6000D w/ CC02 Torch
      Cart: Custom Welded Downdraft w/ 3/4 HP Exhaust

      2015-10-15 15.19.38.jpg 2015-10-15 15.20.19.jpg

      2015-12-18 10.12.54.jpg

      2015-06-28 16.08.50.jpg 2015-04-29 18.26.25.jpg

      Information below is obsolete. No longer using lead screws, using belts for now. The gantry plate design still supports lead screw placement, if the machine was to be converted in the future.

      The 3D model is a work in progress. However, it's starting to look good. Details on the build to come. ox_ppr_v1_2.jpg

      2015-01-18 10.17.41.jpg 2015-01-10 19.23.09.jpg 2015-01-18 10.18.37.jpg

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